Amik Ahmad

Design | Decentralized | Complex Systems | Interop

The most difficult question I was ever asked was, "what kind of designer are you"? The answer is, I'm not.

Over the last 20 years, I've started, designed, launched, strategized and crafted experiences for products and services that you and millions of other people use every single day.

Overtime I came to realize one thing. Design is a tool, much like business development is a tool, or math, or a spoon. Design can be bent and shaped into what I need, when I need it. I approach design and its application not with a set process but with purpose and responsibility. I believe that design planning should also include planning for things to not go as planned.

The world is always changing, to design in it is to be observational, reactive; while simultaneously respecting existing affordances. Nothing is arbitrary and when something is well designed; most people don’t even realize that it was.

Those types of experiences continue to excite me as I work to keep pace with a moving and dynamic world.